Driving the change:

Switching to electric

The first comprehensive guide for corporate electric vehicle fleet adoption.

Going electric makes business sense

The time to make the transition is now and this guide will help you make the first steps

Four-year payback

Electric vehicles are slightly more expensive to buy but cost much less to run. This means that the more you run an electric vehicle, the more cost effective it gets – making it ideal for fleet operations

Cut emissions by up to 30% or more

Latest studies show going EV today, regardless of the energy composition of your grid, will have a significant impact on GHG emissions avoided

Attract and retain employees

Providing EVs to employees and adopting an EV fleet for goods demonstrates your company values and strengthens your message of being environmentally friendly, conscientious and forward-thinking to customers and employees

“The time for talking is over, now is time for action, and we need tools to help us get going. This guide will be a huge support for companies ready to embark on the journey from vision to deployment of electric vehicles”

Angela Hultberg, Head of sustainable mobility Ingka Group

"The adoption of electric vehicles by corporate fleets is an essential part of tackling the emissions challenges that society faces, but it can be a daunting task. This guide shows how to proceed, thoroughly but clearly, even dispelling some myths along the way"

Peter Harris, International Sustainability Director, UPS

This website will help you switch your corporate fleet to electric mobility. Here, you’ll discover the key steps you need to take, you can learn from other companies’ experiences and you can access a resource database.

Who’s it for?

Corporate fleet managers, company strategists, procurement officers, sustainability managers and anyone else involved in important commercial decisions regarding your company fleet, finances and environmental impact.

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